A virtual look at Tivoli's new attraction

Tivoli is a place where your dreams and imagination can run wild. You can visit the entire world in a day, experience breathtaking and exciting rides, right in the heart of Copenhagen.

Augmented Reality



Launch date:
January 2016

Made in collaboration with Fabulab

At an impressive 45 meters tall with several thrilling rides suitable for all members of the family, Fatamorgana is going to be the latest addition to the extensive range of family attractions. With Fatamorgana scheduled to open during the early summer of 2016, Tivoli approached Intertisement to help visualize the impression this new ride will have in the park.

Intertisement have made several solutions for Tivoli in relation to visualizing Fatamorgana. We began by shooting raw video material on location in Tivoli, at the spot where the ride is currently begin built.

After cleaning the shots and editing them to mach the desired length and visual look, the footage was made ready for the 3D animation.
Simultaneously the 3D-model, textures and model-rigging for the animation was prepared.

After subsequent approval of this stage of the production, we created the animation, which would give the illusion of the ride suddenly appearing from the ground and getting dressed in the beautiful Tivoli look.

Tivoli was involved in all aspects of the creative process throughout the duration of the production.

The result is an inspiring animation of Tivoli’s latest attraction coming to life. 

“Tivoli’s mission is to fascinate our guests. In collaboration with Intertisement, we have launched an animated movie of the ride Fatamorgana. With the animated film, we can show our guests how the ride will look on a beautiful Tivoli summer day.
This is only a taste of what is in store for 2016. Not only for the attractions in the park, but also for our communication. We have been excited to work with Intertisement and are looking forward to 2016”.

– Project manager, Kenneth Madsen


Tivoli and Intertisement have more in store for 2016 and are looking forward to captivate and fascinate in and around the beautiful park in Copenhagen.