AR tool for climate change city planning

In collaboration with Klikovand Task Force, Novafos, HOFOR, Forsikring & Pension and the Technological institute, Intertisement has developed a dialog supporting visualization tool in AR. Demonstrating underground and overground sustainable drainage solutions through AR technology.

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Launch date:
September 2018

4 Months

During heavy rains, many municipalities deal with flooded areas in their communities, causing damages to buildings and citizens located there. To prevent these damages, municipalities and suppliers build climate adaptive solutions, systems that utilize the rainwater in sustainable ways, such as drainage systems, parks, trees and plant beds.

Planning and implementing these systems, requires an ongoing open dialog with the local community, whom are affected by the changes and disturbances occurring under the implementation process. This dialog is evident for the success of the project and the citizen involvement is thus a necessary part of it.

In order to optimize this process, in collaboration with Klikovand, Novafos, HOFOR, Forsikring & Pension and the Technological institute we have created an AR tool, visualizing the climate solution models, on location in local areas.

This project has been further developed as LAR app.

The tool can be used by different parties involved in the project such as supplier, the advisor leading the dialog with the involved citizens and municipality agents. The user opens the app and can start in AR mode, placing objects, from a catalog of climate adaptive solutions we have created, on location in their current environment. The user can also take pictures and save the information in each picture as a scene, for later use off-location. Furthermore we have differentiated the tool from a typical AR application, by developing an extra dimension. The user can apply photos taken on location in AR mode and post edit the scene, off-location. With this tool you are able to post edit the saved AR scene, adding features, models, adjusting colors and placement.

Being able to edit and work with the scenes off-line, helps the consultant during a citizen involvement meeting, to reorganize and redesign the solution taking the citizens’ needs and feedback into account. This enables a dialog between the citizens and the municipalty.

The app was applied to a user case medio september 2018 in an area outside of Copenhagen.

The application is created together with Klikovand Novafos, HOFOR, Forsikring & Pension and the Technological institute.