LEGO AR installation
showcased in Copenhagen

The interactive Human Pose Recognition installation game is developed for a LEGO retail store in Water Tower Place mall in Chicago (U.S.). The interactive shop window uses a motion-sensor camera to “see” the children who is passing by the store.

The special developed software and a powerful Intel ® CoreTM i7 processor makes it possible to convert the children’s movements to imitate one of the LEGOs Mini-figures. The children see themselves (as a LEGO mini-figure) on a 100″ flatscreen. When the children moves, the LEGO mini-figure follows. Children who wish to participate in the game will magically be transformed into a LEGO mini-figure and must feed the hungry dragon named Brickley. The dragon appears on the screen and encourages the child to feed him with virtual apples.

During Lego World in the Bella Center, Feb 2012, this installation was finally showcased for a Danish audience. Intertisement has been responsible for the technical development.

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