Ekstra Bladet takes the leap -
Augmented Reality has reached
the printed media.

The Danish newspaper, Ekstra Bladet, will soon contain a groundbreaking invention in the papers car section. What awaits the reader is an exciting surprise, one that has not been seen before in a Danish newspaper.

Volkswagen launches an ad for their new UP! car in the car section of Ekstra Bladet. However, the Up car can not be seen in the ad. The ad comes to life, when you hold your smartphone or tablet over the ad. The readers of Ekstra Bladet will experience the new UP! car come to life and virtually drive around in 3D. Readers must download a application on their smartphone or tablet, and have the ad physically in front of them to view the UP! car. The user will be able to change the car’s color, wheels and turn the car around. An image of the customized car can be send to a friend or uploaded to Facebook.

The Augmented Reality technology brings life to the printed media, and can transfer use from the printed form to the online media. "We are proud to be the first company that offers Augmented Reality in a national newspaper in Denmark. Augmented Reality and the UP! case is an excellent example of how new technologies can exploit exciting synergies between several of Ekstra Bladets platforms – in this case, print and online”, says Morten Blichmann, Chief of Development, Ekstra Bladets Sales Apartment.

The application with Augmented Reality is developed by Intertisement in collaboration with the advertising agency Subsero.
Augmented Reality is not a new technology. The launch of smartphones and tablets with powerful graphics cards and fast CPUs, the possibilities of developing Augmented Reality solutions boomed. Today Augmented Reality is being developed for viral marketing, entertainment, information search, tourism guides etc., both for online and mobile media.

The app will be launched at the end of March 2012, on both the AppStore and the Android Market.

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