Integrating Augmented Reality functionality into existing mobile apps

Here at Intertisement, we have always received a lot of requests for integrating Augmented Reality into existing applications.

In the past, we have mostly provided Augmented Reality experiences in the form of a separate application for our customers. However, installing a separate application is a significant barrier to entry for users -- and all current users of your existing application will have to install a separate application, which not all will do.

Due to popular demand, we have recently upgraded our Augmented Reality pipeline to better allow for integration into existing applications. This allows us to provide an easy-to-use package to the agency or the developers who created your existing application.

In the past, this was a process that took coordination between us and the existing app developers, which was an expensive and time consuming process.

With our new pipeline, we provide a self-contained package that can be integrated into an existing application with just a few lines of code.

If you are interested in knowing more about the possibilities this gives you, or you have an idea for an exciting addition to your app, get in touch.

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