Zombie- and Witches-Snap
A Succesfull AR Experiences from 2016 to 2022

Tivoli’s mission is to capture and fascinate its visitors, but due to its location in the heart of Copenhagen, Tivoli is not able to expand its physical borders. In order to evolve their marvellous world, Tivoli approached Intertisement to unfold the digital universe.

Augmented Reality


Launch date:
2016 – 2022 

The Augmented Reality Experiences “Zombie-Snap” and “Witches-Snap” has been created in collaboration between Intertisement and Tivoli from the beginning of spring 2016, and has been in annual active use from 2016 to 2022. It has been Intertisement’s mission to inspire and expand Tivoli’s digital possibilities. The experiences are embedded in the existing Tivoli app to make an in-app experience for the user.

Tivoli has defined digitization as one of its strategic focus areas. Digitization in Tivoli involves, among other things, on improving, enhancing and extending the digital guest journey and using digitization to reach further and wider to more guests through better utilization of the guests’ social media.

An Engaging Solution Through Augmented Reality

In order to create the desired results, there was a need for an innovative and attention-grabbing digital initiative that could captivate and engage the guests, and collect data, and be engaging in a Garden that entices guests with many other traditional unique experiences.

Tivoli’s App became the focal point for “Zombie-Snap” and later “Witches-Snap”, where guests could take a picture with a zombie and later witches via Augmented Reality. Guests could choose between a zombie dressed as a Tivoli inspector or in classic worn zombie clothes and later witches with background animations.

Our AR experiences proved to be very fun for the guests, who thoroughly enjoyed engaging with our virtual zombies and witches. The social aspect of using our AR experiences was particularly noteworthy, as friends, family, and crowds came together, fostering a sense of fellowship while collectively enjoying the immersive experiences. Many of the guests shared pictures on social media, from our apps, proving the social aspect even more. Below, you can watch the video from the 2020 Danish Digital Awards showcasing attendees enthusiastically interacting with Zombie-Snap.

Podiums were set up in the Garden, where guests were encouraged to take pictures. By downloading Tivoli’s app and placing themselves on the podium, the guest could take funny and spooky photos and share them on social media.

A podium was also set up in the citymall Fisketorvet, whereby Tivoli could market itself with the help of our AR experience outside Tivoli’s own physical boundaries.


Example results from the year 2021, marked by an exceptionally successful reception.

Since our AR experience was launched in 2016, the popularity of our experience has steadily increased. The following is an example from 2021. Zombie-Snap was activated for 24 days in Tivoli’s App from 11 October to 3 November during Halloween in Tivoli and the results were impressive:

Through a digital activation, Tivoli not only got a lot of free exposure via the guests’ shares on social media, but also relevant data on a large number of visitors.

Tivoli.dk and the Danish news portal Bureaubiz discuss and promote the launch of the Zombie Game:



23. SEPTEMBER 2016


Tivoli lancerer augmented reality-spil

23. SEPTEMBER 2016