Grundfos product presentation at trade fair

Grundfos wanted their stand to be remembered at ISH 2013. 100 sales representatives was to be eqipped with 85 iPads and Augmented Reality for product presentation.

Business Tools


Launch date:
March 2013

6 weeks

The complete product portfolio for 100 sales representatives

At the ISH booth, the Grundfos’ sales representatives needed to present their pumps via 3D presentations, videos and product data on the iPad. The new technology and the exciting presentation format should leave the customers with an unforgettable experience.

The drink coaster in the coffee bar became the marker triggering the Augmented Reality. When seen through the iPad, the coaster was surrounded by Grundfos’ products. The sales representatives and customers could then chose products and explore product information, images, 3D-models and videos.

85 iPads on 800 square meters 

In cooperation with Grundfos we ensured that all aspects of the stand worked to perfection. Our responsibility was to install and configure the 85 iPads, to ensure that they were correctly configured with the relevant App’s for each sales representative.

The solution was not only visually impresive: It was imperative that all technical aspects worked perfectly, even when the 85 devices was used simultaneously. This required a solid high speed wireless connection for the iPads. We therefore installed a didecated wireless network which provided stable internet access on the entire 800m² stand.