Interactive AR tool for city planning

The municipality of Copenhagen contacted Intertisement in search of an intriguing and involving visualization tool to showcase innovative cycle parking solutions at hubs in central Copenhagen.

Virtual Reality

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The municipality of
Copenhagen – DK

A challenge for all architects is communicating concepts and visions for buildings. While this is achievable through plans and drawings for some, many find it rather difficult to imagine. This Augmented Reality application addresses these challenges by incorporating AR technology within the architectural design process by adding 3D models that allow the viewer to visualize and engage with the building.

Based on past successful products and using our knowledge in the field of AR and visualisation, we knew that creating convincing representations of scale, such as what is required for this project, would be challenging. Utilising the latest AR and computer vision software adapted to the use case, we were able to create a very powerful result. The solution is markerless and works by scanning and learning the surroundings. This means that the user can hold up their device and freely choose where the 3D model should be placed in the physical environment. The user is free to walk around while the 3D model is constantly kept in the chosen position. It is even possible to explore the insides of the 3D model, by walking to the position of where the 3D model has been placed.

This freedom and precision, along with the possibility to switch between various models, and the ability to rotate and scale them, makes the solution the ultimate tool for creative and engaging decision making. Everyone is now able to easily try out different locations, models, orientations and positions. 

Furthermore, it is possible to take pictures and video of while viewing the AR experience in order to involve collaborators and share ideas – without being a professional city planner or graphics artist. These tools give decision makers a never before seen possibility to visually communicate their ideas, concerns, thoughts and choices.