Interactive AR visualization for International Climate Center

The International Climate center, Klimatorium in Lemvig, contacted Intertisement with the desire to develop creative solutions that would promote the purpose of Klimatorium.

Augmented Reality


Launch date:
November 2020

5 Months

Klimatorium is the meeting point that brings together civil society, authorities, businesses and educational institutions to discuss lifestyle, prevention and adaptation to the climate challenges we face.

The climate center collects knowledge about water, which is relevant to the trade and industry, as well as to tourism and the local population. Intertisement therefore developed an application that addresses a wide target group, and aims to convey and create action and interaction.

Intertisement contributed as an advisory partner during the initial phase of exhibition planning and concept development. This resulted in a number of ideas that were eventually implemented as either physical installations or included as an integral part of the digital app-based offerings made available for visitors of the center.

The Municipality of Lemvig is one of the most climate-challenged regions in Denmark. The new Klimatorium in Lemvig will function as a knowledge, research and learning center for coastal challenges. The oceans are rising and already creating problems all over the World. But the true scope of what the world is in for is hard to imagine. Standing on dry land today and knowing that storms will affect the surrounding landscape is rather abstract. Intertisement developed the application, Klimatorium, which contains several digital solutions and brings the museum outside its physical framework. The application positions the user in the places where the coastal protection must stand the test. Instead of graphs, we use AR to visualize the climate changes.

The Klimatorium app provides visitors with a range of information about existing climate solutions for water drainage as well as facts on a number of historical storms which have have all been a major challenge for the local community. Two AR-experiences are an essential part of the app, allowing users to experience was it was like to be engulfed in one of the raging historical storms as well as being able to augment a section of the outside area with a number of AR-based climate solutions. Images from these experiences can be captured and shared directly on social media.

We are looking forward to an ongoing collaboration with Klimatorium and to be part of creating new exciting experiences in the future.

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