Interactive installation for Christian Dior in Hong Kong

An interactive installation created involvement and attention for Christian Diors store in Hong Kong.

Interactive Installation


Christian Dior

Launch date:
July, 2013

1 month

Attention and excitement around the store

To engage the younger audience around their store, Christian Dior approached Intertisement. They had seen our previous work with Augmented Reality and interactive experiences. Given their challenge, we recommended an interactive installation to encourage participation from the target audience.

The solution use elements from Christian Dior’s 2013/2014 fashion show, where models are outlined as silhouettes. The projected silhouettes make reflections on the wall, when the visitor stands in front of them. This creates attention and excitement around the store.

On-site installation

Intertisement have created a complete solution from concept to implementation, including hardware setup and on-site installation. Physical and digital style was a high priority for both Christian Dior and The Landmark, where the store is located, so every detail was scrutinized to match the environment.

The installation was developed and built at the office in Denmark. Subsequently a team from Intertisement traveled to Hong Kong to perform the installation. Our team installed the hardware and fine-tuned the setup to ensure a perfect experience. 

Great interest among the visitors

The interactive version of Christian Diors fashion show yielded great effect from the visitors at The Landmark. The setup was only just installed, when the first visitors explored the interactivity and photographed their friends with the silhouettes.