LAR - Visualizing climate adjustment solutions and urban planning

In collaboration with partners in the water drainage sector, Intertisement has developed a new solution that uses Augmented Reality technology to create engaging conversations about sustainable over and underground drainage solutions.

Augmented Reality

Business Tools

Launch date:
November 2020

A versatile visualization tool
The current version of the LAR app is a versatile visualization tool which makes it possible to visualize a range of solutions for water drainage, on premises, before they are implemented. LAR also comes with a selection of premade assets for Urban planning.

The app has two overall modes consisting of: 1) live insertion of AR models into the user’s existing environment and 2) post processing of scenes captured by the user during live augmentation. Post processed scenes can be retrofitted with new content and changed on demand as if the user was still present at the original location.

The flexible package management system allows for dynamic addition of content from relevant vendors as well as publicly available content needed for participation in visualizing climate projects in the local community. In the future, new content will be added continuously as we partner up with additional vendors and municipalities.

Making climate planning approachable
The goal of the application is to enable anyone with a modern smartphone or tablet to easily visualize how climate adjustment solutions can look in their own community, while also allowing professional city planners to have a more visual and interactive dialog about solutions they seek to implement.

The app also supports visualizing technical aspects of certain solutions, such as how the parts under the ground surface functions, to give a better understanding on the intended effect of the solutions. 

The app is intended as a tool to create constructive conversations and presentations about climate adjustment, but is offered for free to everyone as a tool for inspiration and learning.

The story
The app started as a research project in partnership with KLIKOVAND, a network of danish municipalities and water suppliers, to create a digital solution that would make it easier to communicate with local communities about climate solutions that local municipalities were looking to implement.

The project and subsequent user testing proved that an augmented reality based system had value in terms of increasing the engagement people had with the topic of climate adjustment.

In collaboration with a range of partners, the funds for developing a full system could be raised through a round of crowdfunding stemming from a range of danish municipalities, water suppliers and Innovationsfonden.


Looking ahead
As the app is an evolving platform, we are continuing to develop new features that will allow more ways of creating and sharing virtual climate adjustment solutions.

Underway are features like allowing the recording of videos that can be edited and shared, multi-angle recordings connecting multiple photos and videos into a shared solution workspace to allow for changes to be reflected across all angles, and the implementation of location data to use real world data in captured solutions.

Intertisement is also committed to continuously reflect and improve on the app to create the best user experience possible.

The app was presented and officially launched at the danish geo-data conference, Virtuelle Kortdage 2020, hosted by Geoforum.

Get the latest version of the app on the Apple App Store or Google Play.

For more information about the app and to get the latest development updates, please visit the dedicated web-site: