Planimetria - Architectural Visualization

In an increasingly digital world of architecture, we seek to create a platform that will meet the demands of project visualization before actual construction begins.

Augmented Reality

Business Tools

Over the past few years, Intertisement has been no stranger to developing visualization applications for a broad range of partners. Prompted by an increasing interest from the construction industry, we created a visualization platform targeted specifically at this field. A platform where digital CAD drawings can be uploaded by the designers and distributed to the key people involved in the project.

We call this platform Planimetria and it embodies the knowledge of visualization technology that Intertisement has learned since it’s inception, all while making it easily accessible on mobile devices.

Using Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality technology, a supported building can be inspected in immersive and natural ways. In Augmented Reality a building can be projected on top of a blueprint or a customized surface, creating a visually engaging overview of the project and enables the end-users to focus on relevant parts.

In Virtual Reality the building can be inspected in a 1:1 scale representation of the project, making it easy to get a sense of what the final construction will look and feel like.

The platform implements realtime communication between active users in a project and allows people to see and engage with each other. This makes it easy to pinpoint certain areas of a project and take people for guided tours through the building.

We are constantly expanding on Planimetria with new features and working towards making everyone able to upload content to the system. Anyone who wishes to have content implemented in the system will be able to contact us and get a quote on the costs related to the integration process.

Planimetria can be downloaded from the Apple App Store, compatible with both tablets and mobile phones.