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Inspect markers

Use the marker inspector to try different images as markers. Take a picture of the surface and use this to display the Augmented Reality object.

Forest Frank

Our little friend, Forest Frank, will come out and have a look around if you knock on his door. The Forest Frank showcase will demonstrate the use of animations.


Everyone at Intertisement loves coffee. That's why we chose a coffee mill to show you the great possibilities and the quality of product demonstrations with Augmented Reality.

Business cards

All business cards from Intertisement will hold a little surprise if you look at them using the showcase App.

Get inspired. We love to share.

We like to inspire others with our knowledge about interactive technology and how we use it in our products. Some of the organisations where we have given talks:

Rambøll, Digital Latest, Reflect, GEO Forum, Grafisk Arbejdsgiverforening, Inventours and more...

Kim Bleshøy Nielsen Managing Director, Partner
+45 22 53 99 90