Telenor 4G - Breaking the barriers

Telenor has the strongest 4G network in Denmark. We were approached, to help create a one of a kind social experiment. Several hundred phones and people were connected in one great video chat session, singing along with one conductor.

Augmented Reality

Circus Alphaville

Launch date:
March 2014

1 Months

Intertisement was contacted to help realize the ambitious goal of the Telenor Experiment. We helped getting the technology and coordination behind this great challenge to become a success. Having 200+ real-life people sing and perform at the exact same time, only through mobile devices, demanded a completely new setup, which has never been tried before.

To help prove the power behind the strongest 4G network in Denmark, an ambitious experiment was set up. Connecting 200+ people with one music conductor, via more than 400 mobile devices, at the exact same time. Intertisement made sure all the devices and technology behind “the wall of devices” would perform flawlessly when all the participants performed simultaneously.

The solution also demanded a high degree of flexibility in order to enable the production company to give live instructions to the participants. Creating a unique solution to provide everyone with information about when to perform, was vital in order to enable the cameras to capture the great interactive experience.

From planning to on-site setup and support

Intertisement handled everything in relation to the mobile devices and applications needed. From the time 200+ devices arrived at our office to making the necessary software, along with the setup and installation to overseeing the success of the final result. Continuously making sure the process ran as smoothly as possible, constructively solving the inevitable changes and challenges along the way.

Great result

The end result, in the form of a TV commercial, is a powerful demonstration of what is currently possible with a state the art 4G network. The commercial will be shown on Danish national television, and furthermore, a behind the scenes documentary about the experiment is coming soon.

We are happy to have been a key factor in realizing this ambitious goal, and are looking forward to contributing to raising the bar of mobile interactive experiences in the future.