The connection between printed and digital media

The danish employers’ organisation, Grafisk Arbejdsgiverforening, inspired their members to let printed and digital media support each other using Augmented Reality.

Augmented Reality

Grafisk Arbejdsgiverforening

Launch date:
February 2013

1 month

Printed and digital media connected

As an industry association, Grafisk Arbejdsgiverforening wanted to issue a direct mail campaign to their members, to illustrate how new technologies like Augmented Reality could contribute to traditional marketing.

The job for Intertisement was to demonstrate Augmented Reality in a simple way, to ensure that the recipient was left with a positive impression of the new technology.

Increased longevity for the printed media

The aim of using Augmented Reality was to increase the longevity of the publication, by providing a synergy between the physiscal print and digital App. This inspired recipients to save the direct mail since it was a basis for later use of the App.

Plenty of inspiration

The campaign evolves around a custom animation which shows letters flying out of the monitor, when looking at the page through the App. Furthermore the campaign contains several other cases from Intertisement, showcasing the many different possibilities with Augmented Reality.


receiving the
direct mail


to use AR

Big impact with the target audience

70% of the campaigns recipients remembered having received the direct mail and 28% of the marketing- and communication directors considered using Augmented Reality in their work. Both results are significantly higher than the benchmark of the Danish postal service, which for comparison is 33% and 21%, respectively.