The Zombie Game
- Augmented Reality in Tivoli

Tivoli’s mission is to capture and fascinate its visitors, but due to its location in the heart of Copenhagen, Tivoli is not able to expand its physical borders. In order to evolve their marvellous world, Tivoli approached Intertisement to unfold the digital universe.

Augmented Reality


Launch date:
October 14th 2016

The Augmented Reality game “The Zombie Game” has been created in collaboration between Intertisement and Tivoli from the beginning of spring 2016. It has been Intertisement’s mission to inspire and expand Tivoli’s digital possibilities. The game is embedded in the existing Tivoli app to make an in-app experience for the player.

“With The Zombie game, we have taken our digtial universe to the next level, by trying to create a new and engaging experience for our audience. It is natural for Tivoli to utilize the new digital possibilities to create more stunning experiences for our guests and unfold the Tivoli universe on new platforms.” Michala Svane, Marketing Director, Tivoli.

The Zombie game is bringing AR to the masses by giving reality an extra digital dimension tied into physical locations. The players go hunting for zombies all over the Tivoli gardens in the location-based game, where hordes of zombies will appear from the lake and move directly towards the players. To make the zombies disappear, the players must shoot their way out of the hordes with a crossbow shooting pumpkins. The game is geo-fenced, and thereby only playable within the Tivoli premises.

Intertisement made an intuitive game editor, which makes it easy for the developers to control, add and build new gaming areas. The editor makes it possible to alter parameters of the game without updating the app continuously – this feature can be advantageous if Tivoli wants to extend their Halloween event to other areas or cities.

Furthermore, the backend provides anonymous statistics on player interaction and positioning. A live heat map is integrated in order to provide a geographical overview of player activity over time.

Intertisement would like say a huge thanks to our enthusiastic Zombie Game tester and co-creator kids: Tilde, Felix, Villads, Frey and Mikkel. You have been amazing. recently ran a story about the Tivoli Halloween campaign: “The final AR product is probably one of the best Halloween campaigns I have ever experienced”. Read the complete article here. and the Danish news portal Bureaubiz discuss and promote the launch of the Zombie Game:


23. SEPTEMBER 2016


Tivoli lancerer augmented reality-spil

23. SEPTEMBER 2016