VentLog - Installation and Service Report App & Web Application

VentLog was developed to streamline the process of filing and managing service reports covering installation and maintenance of ventilation units in accordance with current ventilation standards and regulations.

Business Tools

Launch date:
August 2023

12 months

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VentLog was originally developed as a business tool for the ventilation service company Lassen Ventilation, who now use the new and improved version of the application; VentLog. While VentLog is a fully developed application it is still improving both in terms of the interface and features as we learn more and more about the needs of HVACR technicians and their workflow.

VentLog is currently geared towards ventilation service reports, but is developed as a flexible solution, meaning it can be refactored to streamline the process of managing any type of service report.

Case Management System

The HVACR technician can view and create cases via his phone, as well as see the installation status, location via map, and any comments for each installation.

if you want cases to be automatically created from your order management system, this is also an option!

Intuitive & Streamlined Workflow

The report / service list is completed on the phone via a simple form helping the technician to remember all data associated with the service unit.

The application will also automatically calculate values such as power consumption, deviation and efficiency as the technician fills out the form.

Export finalized reports

In VentLog’s overview, you can export and retrieve your reports as either PDF or Excel files. You can also download entire cases at a time so you get all documents exported and ready to be send to the client all at once.

A Customisable Report Application

Ventlog is a highly customisable solution and can be used to create and manage service reports for a wide array of different fields and products.