Volkswagen up! Augmented Reality App

Using Augmented Reality, Volkswagens new Up! was presented in 3D on advertisements in national newspapers. The customers could change color, wheels, decoration and customize the car in 3D. 

Augmented Reality

Volkswagen Denmark

Launch date:
May, 2012

3 month

More young people to Volkswagen

Volkswagen’s ambition for us was clear as day: They wanted to attract more young people to their new product and be the most digital car brand in Denmark. For the launch of Up!, a synergy was to be made between the printed newspaper advertisements and the digital media. This led to a strong collaboration between Intertisement, Ekstra Bladet (the newspaper) and the ad agency Subsero.

The attention was sparked in the newspaper

At the launch of the new Up!, a 1.5 page advertisement was placed in Ekstra Bladet. The message was simple: See Volkswagen’s new initiative emerge from the ad and explore it from every possible angle.
The advertisement had a brave approach: There were no visuals of the car before the target audience participated through their smartphone or tablet.

See the car in 3D and make it your own

When you see the advertisement through Volkswagens Augmented Reality App, you will see the Up! driving on the newspaper in 3D. You can change rims, colors and customize the car – just as you could if you saw it at the local dealer.


Downloads from
May 2012 to
August 2013

Exceeds expectations more than threefold

To increase the lifetime of the App it also works without the printed advertisement. With 25,000+ downloads from May 2012 to August 2013, the customer response exceeds all expectations.

“The Volkswagen up! 3D experience app has really surprised us with its big success, by exceeding our target for downloads by over 3 times. We are very pleased with the project and the experiences we have been able to draw from the collaboration with Intertisement.”

– Tobias Fuchs, Advertising manager, Volkswagen Personbiler Danmark

The art of a good user experience

In terms of technology the level of ambition was equally high. Intertisement wanted to ensure that Volswagens Up! was presented with as much detail as possible, while providing the users of the App with a flawless user experience. We therefore created a solution which ensured that visualization quality was adapted to the capacity of a given smartphone.